Rapunzel’s Revenge: A Review


Rapunzel is a terrible tomboy growing up in a very restricted castle with no one but the guards and her mother around. One day she decides to climb to the wall that surrounds the castle.

What she sees comes as a complete shock. The entire horizon, as far as she can see, is a complete wasteland. Her mother has used her magic to drain the energy and power from the land and used it to create the gardens and food she grows for the castle. Even worse, Rapunzel’s own real mother is working in the mines. Rapunzel was taken from her by the witch.

Well, anyone familiar with the story knows what comes next, with the whole locked in a tower thing. But the Hales have given this story a fun Western twist and made Rapunzel a feisty heroine who can save herself, thank you very much. She eventually does meet Jack and teams up with him to save her real mother and stop the witch.

Lots of fun.


Yukon Steampunk

Looking for a nice cold read full of excitement? Lindsay Buroker’s Flash Gold has got everything you’re looking for. The main character Kali McAlister is ready to enter her dogless sled in a competition for a nice financial prize that will help her move away from Moose Hollow, into someplace where no one has ever heard of her or her father, where she can get a fresh start as an inventor. Too bad everyone else in the race is out to get her. What she could use is a partner.

Enter Cedar, a quiet stranger who wants to team up. Kali doesn’t want to trust him, but she needs the help, and he seems to know what he’s doing. Plus he’s handy with a rifle, so she takes him on. Good thing, too, since this race is going to be anything but fair.

This is a novella and a quick fast-paced read, but I couldn’t wait to read the next one in the series! It was free for the Kindle and I’m dying to know what happens next. I gotta say, I’m a sucker for steampunk and add in the setting, and I’m sold!

Working on a Biography Giveaway!

Who likes free books? Dumb question, right? Who doesn’t? My plan is to usher in the new year with a book giveaway. Right now, I have a stack of books waiting for a new home. Here’s the list so far, but it may change.

Free Swag: 

Something in the Blood: The Untold Story of Bram Stoker by David J. Skal

Some Desperate Glory: The First World War the Poets Knew by Max Egremont

Marie Curie and Her Daughters: The Private Lives of Science’s First Family by Shelley Emling

All these were ARCs that I would like to share with someone else, and they’re all biographies.  Plus some grammar-themed children’s books.

Grammaropolis Presents Nelson the Noun

Grammaropolis Presents Vinny the Action Verb & Lucy the Linking Verb

Also a few bookmarks, stickers, maybe a trading card or two, and one steampunk coloring book

It’s a small stack of books so far, but if you’d like to donate some goodies for the giveaway, I’d love to feature budding authors, small publishers, illustrators and so on.


How to enter:

  1. Follow my blog.
  2. Follow me on Twitter @cindy_bohn
  3. Comment below with your favorite book from 2016

Make sure you tell me your user name. You can enter all three ways, but there will only be one winner. The contest runs until January 2 at noon, MST. Good luck to all of you!


More Steampunk-y Goodness

Title: A Gentlewoman’s Chronicles (Galvanic Century 5-7)

Author: Michael Coorlim

Genre: Steampunk

Heard about it from: Liked the author’s previous work (Bartleby and James)

Plot: A little like a steampunk Indiana Jones plus some James Bond

Lady Aldora Fiske comes from one of the first families in England, but she has no intention of settling down to a meaningless social whirl. She’s out to prevent a war, defend the Empire, and save the day. She faces off sky pirates, enemy agents, a booby-trapped tomb, and lots more. For some reason, this took me a while to get into. I felt a little lost at the beginning, since it’s been a really long time since I read the first book. It might not have even mattered, as Aldora is a minor character in that one anyway. (I kind of like the switch up, telling similar stories from a different POV.) Once I got through the initial confusion, it really  became fun. Don’t start here, because you’ll be more confused than I was, but if you like light steampunk with plenty of adventure, try this series out.


Last book of 10 -Airships of Camelot

Reading Decathlon – book 10!

Airships of Camelot: The Rise of Arthur

by Robison Wells

genre: teen steampunk

setting: alternate world Rocky Mountains

source: This one I picked up for lots of reasons. First, Arthur. Second, steampunk. Third, Arthur + steampunk. Fourth, the author. Fifth, the cover.

Plot: In an alternate earth, the 1918 flu pandemic killed even more people and hung around. Society broke down and the country fragmented into little fiefdoms, sorta, each controlled by an admiral and his airships. Texas is its own state (of course!) and that’s where all the helium comes from.

Arthur is the son of Admiral Uther, being groomed to take over and fly the premier airships in the fleet, but during a raid one day, he gets separated and left behind with the slavers and the infected. He rescues one of the slaves, a girl his age named Jennifer (get it?) and the two try to make it through the wasteland to – ta-da! – Camelot!

Verdict: So satisfying. All the Arthur figures are there, and you’ll recognize them all. Galahad, the pure and annoying, Lancelot, the powerful and conceited, Merlin, the wise and cryptic, Morgan, beautiful and manipulative. It’s just what you expect, but it feels fresh at the same time. Jennifer and Arthur have several conversations about their way of life, about the raids and technology and the long term purpose of Camelot. There’s really so much more than I can cover in this review, but honestly, it’s so good. This one is the first in a planned series. 4.3 stars.


And with that, I finished by Reading Decathlon! 10 books in 10 days, although I didn’t post them in 10 days. Now I’m listening to The Heir of Novron by Michael J. Sullivan, which I’m loving, and idly reading The Song of the Lark by Willa Cather. I love Cather, but this is not my favorite of her books. Also I have been very depressed lately and when I’m down, I just can’t concentrate on anything too long or serious. maybe now that I’m feeling a little better, I can finish this up. Happy reading!