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Kramer lifted his glass towards the three men seated on the couch. ‘Your health, gentlemen. Your very good health.’ He turned to the Reichsmarschall. ‘Three of the best in Europe, sir.’

‘I suppose they are necessary,’ Rosemeyer said in resigned distaste. ‘At least, their courage is beyond dispute. Your health, gentlemen.’

‘Your health, gentlemen,’ Jones said bitterly. He sat forward in his chair and hurled his glass into the fire. The glass shattered and there was a momentary tongue of flame as the brandy ignited. ‘That’s how I drink the health of double agents.’

Schaffer leaned across the passage-way and whispered: ‘I thought you said he couldn’t act?’

‘Nobody’s ever paid him twenty-five thousand bucks a night before,’ Smith said sardonically.


Where Eagles DareDate by Alistair MacLean