Meet Sam!

We got a new kitty 🐱! I have been so sad, missing Tina and Spooky so much. Rosie is a great cat, and I love her, but she’s not very cuddly. She’s happy to be petted sometimes, and more than happy to have a bobble of what you’re eating, but she’s no snuggler.

It is kind of soon, but we were ready for a new cat friend. I drove myself crazy for a couple of weeks, trying to find the perfect new cat🐱 for our family. I wanted one that would get along with the humans, one that was fairly young and healthy, and one with short hair. But I kept finding a cat I loved, only to call and find that someone else had gotten it first. I was seriously making myself sick over the whole thing.

Finally on Saturday, a local rescue group was doing an adoption event at a local pet store. Jack went with me to help me find the right cat. It took a little while, but as soon as I held this big guy, I knew I wanted to bring him home.

We named him Samwise, but we’re calling him Sam. He’s 5 years old and super mellow. As soon as we opened his crate he started rubbing up against everyone, wanting to be petted. He’s sleeping on my bed right now and he’s made friends with everyone – except Rosie! We’ll just take it slow and give them time to get used to each other. Anyway, I’m really happy with him. He’s just what we needed!


Poor Tina


I’m taking our senior kitty 🐱 to the vet today. Some of you may remember that we lost our make cat last year to cancer. I’m afraid that Tina is nearing the end as well. She has impaired kidney function and now thyroid trouble as well. It’s hard to give her the medicine as regularly as we should and she keeps losing weight. I put off the appointment until after Christmas, but she can’t wait any longer. I’m really dreading this. Prayers and kind thoughts would be much appreciated.

My Latest Book Haul


I got books! As you can see, I’ve also got a cat. Tina saw me take out my phone and had to get in the shot, so here she is.

I have lots of great thrift stores nearby. Usually I try to restrain myself, but this time, I bought all the books.



5 mysteries and one fiction! Strong as Death on top, that’s a historical mystery set during a pilgrimage. Then four mysteries from the same publisher. I’ve read The Lord Mayor of Death and wanted to read that one again. It’s good, very suspenseful. Not sure about the others, but they were worth a dollar!

Fannie Flagg writes HILARIOUS stuff. We read one of her books for book club last year and it was really good.


Oh, Murder and Chips is set in New Zealand. I never get mysteries set there, so this should be good. Here’s another shot of my helpful cat.


Thanks, Tina.

Rosie’s better


Our chubby little kitty Rosie was sick this week. I don’t know what she got into or what she came down with. She’s an indoor kitty, so I don’t see how it could be a virus. But still, she was pretty sick for a couple of days. But she’s feeling much better. Here’s a picture of her enjoying the sunshine.

Book Club Last Night

Last night was book club night. We had a fun discussion. The book was The Cheshire Cheese Cat by Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright. We wound up telling our worst mice stories and snacked on cheese. It was a lot of fun.

We decided to do something different. Normally we draw months. Then on your month you can pick any book and we read that. But this time, we’re doing categories – biography, thriller, fantasy/sci fi – and assigned them each a month. Then when it’s your turn, you have to find a book in that category. It will be a little more complicated, but I think it will be fun. We’re going to draw months at the next meeting and I may ask for help picking a book.

My cat Tina


My senior cat was acting weird. She’s been pulling out her fur and sneezing her head off. Her leg has this bare patch where she’s pulled off all the fur. We’ve been super busy, but we finally took her in to the vet and he said it’s severe arthritis in her knee – did you know cats have knees? They do! Weird! And she has a sinus infection too. I know how that feels! So she got two shots, one for her pain and one for antibiotic. She seems to be feeling better already, not sneezing so much. She’s still pulling out her fur, dumb cat.

And this is NOT the best picture of her, but she really didn’t want her picture taken today! She would wait until the shutter was about to go off and then look away. It took a dozen tries! Silly cat. So glad she’s going to be OK. I was really worried that it was something more serious. She has lost weight, so we need to keep a closer eye on her diet, just in case. But for now, she’s just fine.

Meet My Cats

The theme of my blog is book, cats, life – and I’ve been falling down on the cat angle. I haven’t introduced my gorgeous felines that live with me! So I thought today would be a good day to do just that.


This one is Tina, shown here in her library cat pose. She’s never actually been to the library, but she approves of the library basket. Tina is the head cat. She adopted us on Valentine’s Day, 2002, and she’s 17 years old! She’s completely deaf and mildly arthritic, but she still figures she’s the cat in charge.


Tina’s Glamour Shot

Tina has decided she just doesn’t care any more. So if she wants what you’re eating, she’ll try to steal it from you – sometimes while you are ACTUALLY EATING IT. She always gets in trouble, but she’s been successful at stealing from the trash and the stove. She’s such a stinker. But she’s also sweet with us and she loves company. More attention for her!


Spooky taking a Power Nap

This big guy is Spooky. He’s twice as long as our smallest cat. He showed up about a year and a half after Tina and sort of moved in. Even as a stray, he came right up and started purring as soon as we picked him up. That’s sort of stayed his personality right through. He was a very wary, easily started cat for a few years, but now, at age 15, he’s the sweetest, most loving cat I’ve ever known. He’s also the only one that wants you to rub his tummy.


This kind of makes it look like all Spooky does is sleep, but that’s kinda true. You can see his markings better here. He’s black with black stripes and a white mustache. He does get some exercise sometimes, but he’s super mellow.


And the little kitty here is Rosey. She’s half Spooky’s length and they are either best friends or she’s the biggest annoyance ever. The first time we ever heard Spooky hiss was at Rosey. Rosey is 5 years old and still thinks she’s the adorable kitten who can get away with anything. And sometimes, she’s right.


Rosey is BEAUTIFUL and super, velvety soft. She also has razor sharp claws which she’ll use on you if you hold her too long, pick her up wrong, rub her tummy, or generally bug her. She hates strangers and will disappear immediately. But she loves my husband. We got her from a neighbor when Rosey was only 4 weeks old and she’s the baby.

So there you have it. My cats are AMAZING and beautiful and yes, super annoying. But I’m a crazy cat lady and I’m not ashamed!

Book Review: Cat Daddy

20150602_154823Title: Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean

Author: Jackson Galaxy, the guy on My Cat From Hell

Genre: Memoir, animal behavior

This is not Jackson Galaxy’s cat pictured above. It’s my cat, Tina, who adopted us one Valentine’s Day. I stick to my story that I thought she was a present from my husband who knew how much I wanted a cat. By the time he came home from work, we had cat food, a little box, and three little kids who were in love with the pretty kitty.

As you can tell, I am definitely a cat person. So I was prejudiced in favor of his show and his book. He’s got an amazing rapport with animals, especially cats. He just connects with them. I really admire the guy.

But I had no idea what a mess the dude was before he got clean. Back in the day, the only part of his life that made sense and did not revolve around substances of various kinds was the part he spend with animals. They worked magic. But it wasn’t until he adopted Buddy, an abandoned cat with a broken pelvis, that he began to feel the need to get clean.

It wasn’t easy. It was amazing that he survived. After his first bout of getting clean from drugs, he still had drinking, prescription abuse, and finally food to detox from. I could totally related to his abuse of Klonopin, as I have a close friend who does the same thing. She’s realized how deeply it has affected her, but she can’t seem to give it up entirely. Jackson was much more lucky that he should have been. He didn’t even wind up in the psych ward for any length of time (Although at one point, he wanted to be. He knew he needed help. But his doctor wouldn’t admit him.) After lots of serious work and a move he finally got clean.

This one is recommended reading, especially for anyone who doesn’t fit the mold and is having trouble visualizing a way to achieve their dreams. Jackson didn’t fit in, but he still created his own success. 4 stars