Who’s Ready for NaNo?

The old opened book is christian Psalter
19st century Psalter. Isolated over white with clipping path

Are you planning to be part of NaNoWriMo? For those who don’t know, that stands for National Novel Writing Month, which is in November, and it celebrates the amazing amount of literary talent out there, waiting to be discovered. There is an official site (nanowrimo.org) which has so many helpful tips you’ll be overwhelmed!

I took part last year. The official goal is 50,000 words. I came it around 35K, which I was very proud of. Since then I’ve hit my 50 thousand, but my book is still not done. This year I’m unofficially joining in with the goal of finishing my stinking book! I almost don’t care if it’s good, I just want it to be done! After all, that’s what rewrites are for.

Now is the time to prepare. If you are a planner, start with your outline, your character descriptions, your research, and get it all underway now. If you’re more of a pantser, plan by clearing your schedule for next month. Make a writing playlist, stock the freezer with meals and the cupboard with snacks, and tell everyone that you won’t be around much next month.

Anyway, I’d love to know who else is joining in the fun. Let me know in the comments if you will be signing up, what genre your book is, and title if you have one. Then we’ll be writing buddies. My book is an adult thriller and I know I can finish next month.



Happy Weekend!

I am so looking forward to this weekend. I’ve been sick for what feels like ages and I’m *finally* feeling better, so I am hoping to get out of the house this weekend. I’m planning to go to the library and claim some of my prizes from the summer reading program and turn in my overdue books. Then I’m taking my husband out for a treat on Saturday. Sunday I might go visit my sister and Monday is a holiday here in Utah so we are planning a picnic or something.

Then I have a few reviews to post. I just finished Conspiracy by Lindsay Buroker. I also have two books by Robin Hobb that I haven’t reviewed, but I don’t even know where to begin! So many feels! I downloaded the 3rd in the trilogy, but I might not start it until Sunday or else I’d just stay indoors all day and read. (And that would be bad because….)

Hope you have a good weekend and happy reading!