The old opened book is christian Psalter
19st century Psalter. Isolated over white with clipping path


I ┬álove to receive free books and swag, but please be aware that I may not be able to get to everything I receive. I offer my honest opinion, although I try to express it nicely. Genres of most interest to me are thrillers/mysteries (but not cozies), science, science fiction, history, and biography. Anything with explicit love scenes, politics, poetry, and self help will turn me right off, so don’t bother sending it. I’m also not very interested in paranormal or dystopian stories, teen angst, or stuff about high school, and I’m currently not accepting romance or YA.

If you would like to share something, leave your information here and I’ll get back to you. In your comment, please include what genre your book is, the audience, the length, and whether or not it is part of a series. Please note that I can’t guarantee that I will get to it within a specific time frame, but diverse writers or books will be moved up the list.