Writing prompt

You get a chance to time travel. If you accept, you have a 90% chance of arriving where you intended, a 90% chance of arriving with your clothes and money, and a 90% chance of arriving with your memory.

You accept. You wake up 100 years before you intended, naked, with no memory of how you got there. What now?

Writing Prompt #4

You’re at the store to pick up some milk when you see one of your neighbors with her back to you. She doesn’t notice you because she’s too busy yelling at her child.

“I told you to get the other one. How could you be so stupid? I swear to God, I don’t even know why I had children. You’re all nothing but trouble. Go back and get the right one.”

What do you do?

Character Quiz #1

Having trouble defining a character? Try this quiz and see what you learn. Go with instinct – don’t think too hard. Your subconscious knows this already.

  1. If you character had to choose between love and duty, which would they choose?
  2. What makes your character really angry?
  3. If you character was with a loved one and danger approached, what would they do? Run? Hide? Protect?
  4. If your character got bad news, who would they tell first?
  5. What time of day is your character’s favorite? Why?

Your characters should be a mix of positive traits and negative ones. A character that is all good or all evil is not interesting or believable. The reader wants someone they can identify with.