Fall Bucket List Book Tag

I found this book tag over on Read by Tiffany and decided to play along. I haven’t explored her site much, but it looks like a fun place! Check it out. All my books are ones I read or reread in 2020.

Light a Scented Candle – a book that is lighthearted

I actually had a hard time with this prompt! I guess I don’t read very many lighthearted books. The closest I could get was a fantasy series book that has lots of banter and sexual tension and made me smile. Eye of Truth is the first one in the Agents of the Crown series by Lindsay Buroker. Zev Darrow is our dashing aristocratic captain and Zenia Cham is a serious investigator for the temple, but they have an attraction they can’t escape!

Drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes – a book that has a lot of hype

( I’m not a coffee drinker, I’m more of a spiced apple cider gal. But spice is spice.)

Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey. Set in a boarding school for magic, this one had people hoping for a replacement to Hogwarts. The vibe is totally different though, and it’s more of a mystery than a children’s fantasy. I really enjoyed it and now I want to read more by the author.

Go Apple Picking – a book that has fun friendships

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: 2 Fuzzy 2 Furious! by Shannon and Dean Hale. Doreen Green is such a fun character and I love this novelization of the comics. Doreen has an awesome best friend, Ana Sofia, but Squirrel Girl also has great friends in the Avengers! I love the texts between everyone, but especially between Doreen and Tony Stark.

Wear a Cozy Sweater – a book that warms your heart

Nothing says cozy to me like rereading one of my favorite romances by Georgette Heyer. This year I bought an audio version of The Nonesuch. This is one of her wonderful Regency romances about a handsome and wealthy bachelor who inherits a decrepit estate in the country. He takes his charming nephew and goes to check it out. While there he meets a young and astoundingly beautiful heiress and her lovely governess. Sure, it’s predictable but the journey is worth revisiting. Love it!

Bake Cinnamon Rolls – a character who’s a talented chef

This one had me torn. I keep mentioning the City Between series by W R Gingell, but Pet is always cooking for her trio and will make them anything they want. It’s pretty impressive. But Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer has 3 talented short order cooks, so I’m going with that one. Plus it was fun to read it again after so long. It made me hungry while I read it, but I still don’t really understand why you would want a pork chop sandwich. What do you do with the bones?

Jump into a Pile of Leaves – a book that made you jump for joy

I couldn’t find a book for this, but I did read one that made me laugh out loud several times when reading it – although there are some serious parts, don’t get me wrong! But Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood was just so funny in parts, mostly because he was such a troublemaker! If you enjoy his show, you should definitely read the book.

Right, that’s my list for today. I love doing tags because it’s hard to come up with new stuff all the time! So feel free to tag me anytime! Have a great weekend and happy reading.

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