DNF This!

woman with black hat holding book
Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels.com

I love this photo. I don’t know what she’s reading, but it is obviously NOT working for her!

I have about 8 books I was trying to read, and I think it was so many because I didn’t like most of them! But instead of just giving up, I kept telling myself, “Maybe it will pick up after this chapter.” ” I just haven’t given it a chance. ” Finally I finished one and I’m calling it quits on two or three more. Now I need to find something I know I’ll love to get me through this slump.

What about you? How long do you give a book before you DNF? What books have you given up on lately? For the record, mine were The Spanish Bride, Black Powder War, and Smoke And Summons.


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