Review – A Man of Means


Title: A Man of Means

Author: P G Wodehouse

Setting: Mostly New York, about 1920s or so

Synopsis: A collection of six short stories about hapless young Roland Bleke who finds that coming into money doesn’t solve all his troubles after all.

Review: I was looking for something light and fun after I finished The Words of Radiance – review to come – and found this story lurking on my Kindle. Wodehouse books are always light and generally quite fun, so I decided to read this next.

It’s a very old-fashioned story but one that is still funny. Roland is sort of a wimpy chap who accidentally gets engaged to his landlady’s daughter. Rather than straighten things out, he manages to postpone the wedding until he gets a larger salary. Then he comes into money, and the wedding back on. He has to find a way to break it off without causing drama.

Things get silly after this, but always a lot of fun. Roland just can’t stay out of trouble. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next, but it made me smile. Not his best book, but it was a good way to spend an hour or so. Recommended for those who like light humor, and it’s free on the Kindle.



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