Shattered Roses

Disclaimer: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Title: Shattered Roses: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling

Author: E L Parfitt

Setting: Modern England

Megan needs to round out her CV (resume) if she wants to be a doctor, so she really wants to get this opportunity to be a volunteer at a nursing home. Anything, really. She just wants a chance. So when the director introduces her to a resident known only as Lady, Megan is happy.

Lady is one of the oldest residents there. In fact, she claims to know everything about the building and its original owner. She tells Megan amazing stories about the Duke, who was charming and mysterious and had secrets. Lady’s father was the duke’s doctor. She tells stories of their romance during Megan’s weekly visits. But to be honest, it was Megan’s story. the prejudice she faced as a West Indian, her hardworking mother, her precocious sister, and the sad story of her father that really kept me reading. When I finished the book, it was Megan that I wanted to know more about, and her story that I found unsatisfying in the end.

This is a very short read, but I would recommend it. It’s more like a puzzle than a straightforward book with a linear plot.



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