My cat Tina


My senior cat was acting weird. She’s been pulling out her fur and sneezing her head off. Her leg has this bare patch where she’s pulled off all the fur. We’ve been super busy, but we finally took her in to the vet and he said it’s severe arthritis in her knee – did you know cats have knees? They do! Weird! And she has a sinus infection too. I know how that feels! So she got two shots, one for her pain and one for antibiotic. She seems to be feeling better already, not sneezing so much. She’s still pulling out her fur, dumb cat.

And this is NOT the best picture of her, but she really didn’t want her picture taken today! She would wait until the shutter was about to go off and then look away. It took a dozen tries! Silly cat. So glad she’s going to be OK. I was really worried that it was something more serious. She has lost weight, so we need to keep a closer eye on her diet, just in case. But for now, she’s just fine.


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