10 Things About Me

1991Picture of me 1991, just after we got married. Notice our awesome newlywed furniture!

I needed some things to write about, and I always like lists, so how about a list about me? Feel free to ask me questions; maybe next time I’ll answer those questions too!

  1. Favorite food: Chicken scalloppine – yummiest thing ever
  2. Favorite cuisine: either Tex-Mex or Italian
  3. Favorite author: Terry Pratchett
  4. Place I’d like to visit: Oh, so many! Top of the list right now, I’d have to put New Zealand. It sounds beautiful and friendly.
  5. Bad habit: picking my lip. Anxious habit that I can’t seem to help.
  6. Ever gotten a ticket? Yes, for speeding. I like to go fast!
  7. Cool thing not many people have done: I got to pet a lion cub at the St. Louis Zoo. It was members night and they were letting him meet a few kids.
  8. Longest book you ever read? Don Quixote
  9. Least favorite book? Wuthering Heights
  10. First concert you went to? Buck Owens, age 2

So there’s a few interesting things about me. I hope that was fun. Let me know if you have any other questions for me.


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