List: Wishes edition


I thought it would be fun to do a little Wish list – things I wish that books would do more of, less of, etc.

  • I WISH – for books that have a diverse POV. Publishing is doing much better in offering POC and LGBT characters in the supporting roles, but we always need to do better.
  • I WISH – for Neurodiversity. Not mental illness as the latest trend, but simply as a part of a character, like body type. Just a fact that doesn’t solely define them, but is a part of the whole.
  • I WISH – for economic diversity. I’m tired of reading about middle class people with middle class problems. How about the working poor, the disenfranchised? Their problems are totally different.
  • I WISH – for fully developed love stories. No more insta-love! Real chemistry! It’s hard to write, but the payoff is worth it.
  • I WISH – for truly unexpected endings. Ones where I don’t see it coming.

Now for my writing wish list!

  • I WISH for my characters to come alive. I want 3 – D, compelling dynamic characters who entice my readers.
  • I WISH – my mental illness didn’t keep me from working every day.
  • I WISH – I could actually make some money from writing. Of course, nothing is finished yet, but I know how hard it is to actually earn a profit.
  • I WISH – I had space to work. We’re all on top of each other right now, with one great computer and 5 people queued up for it.
  • I WISH – my book was done!

What about you? Readers and writers, what are you wishing for? Let me know here.

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