Review: 100 Cupboards

Title : 100 Cupboards

Author: N D Wilson

Opening the door to another dimension.

This was almost two books in one. One was about Henry, a young boy whose parents go missing, forcing him to move in with his aunt and uncle, and a sci-fi/fantasy story about a room with portals into other worlds and a fight against an evil sorceress. While the fantasy story was good, and I’m looking forward to reading about more worlds in the next installment, I really preferred the story of Henry. His parents sheltered him from almost everything, never letting him have soda, controlling his pasttimes, even sending him to boarding school with a protective helmet he was supposed to wear during any physical activity. It’s only when he meets his Uncle Frank, who promptly gives him a pocketknife, lets him sleep outdoors, buys him a baseball mitt, that he realizes what he’s been missing. With Frank’s seemingly casual friendship, he begins to develop confidence. A good reminder for some of those hovering parents that kids need space to try their wings. Recommended for young teens and MG readers.


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