Review: The Thief’s Daughter

Title: The Thief’s Daughter, Kingfountain Series #2

Author: Jeff Wheeler

Genre: Fantasy

Setting: sort of an alternate Europe?

Themes: love vs. loyalty, duty, war, jealousy

Strong King Richard III parallel

In the first book, The Queen’s Poisoner, Owen Kiskaddon was an orphaned little boy using his magical talent to survive the king’s court. Now he’s 17 and ready for his first battle on the king’s behalf. King Severn is not a popular king, but he’s managed to stay at peace for most of his reign. Now forces are aligning against him and he’s alienating everyone. Owen is one of his most influential allies, and as duke commands an army that could save the kingdom.

Owen is also a young man in love, and when his beloved is sent as an envoy in the king’s service, he discovers a new plot against the king as well as forces trying to separate the lovers. He has to choose whether to follow his duty or his heart.

I really like this series – so much that I downloaded book 3 as soon as I finished this one. I love the historical connections that I find in here. King Arthur is a big theme, as is the King Richard III one. But so is Atlantis, Joan of Arc, and more. You can tell that the writer is a big history buff, and it makes the book more fun. I love Owen as a character. He’s not perfect, but his flaws make him more real. I’m glad this isn’t the last book in the series – I still want all my characters to have a happy ending. I don’t know how it will turn out though, and I kind of like that I can’t predict it just yet. Recommended!


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