5 Authors I Should Have Read By Now

For today’s post, I wanted to highlight 5 authors that I really wish I had read before now. But I will get to them this year!

  1. Edward Abbey. Given that he’s from Utah, that he wrote about Utah, I really feel like I should have picked up something by him before. This year, I’ve got Desert Solitaire on my TBR list, picked for the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge, and I will start it soon.
  2. Margaret Atwood. She is everywhere this year, with The Handmaid’s Tale TV adaptation and the release of Hag-Seed. It’s the latter that caught my eye, with my fascination for all things Shakespeare.
  3. Octavia Butler. So many good reviews, so much to choose from, but I’ve never picked up any of her books. No good reason here, so it’s time to change this.
  4. Rachel Carson. I’ve only recently gotten in to nature writing, so it’s perhaps not surprising that I haven’t read any of her books before now, but with all the political changes, I think it’s time I got educated.
  5. C S Forester. I love me a good adventure at sea story, but Horatio Hornblower? Haven’t read him. Time to change that.

Really, this list could be a lot longer, but there’s a limit to what I actually think I can read this year. What about you? What authors have you always meant to pick up, but never actually tried?


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