Mixed Results from My Writing Contest

So I mentioned a while back that I entered my first writing contest. They announced the winners this week, and well, it wasn’t me. But I did get a copy of my scores from the judges.

The results are mixed. The only thing everyone liked was my grammar! Oh, and verb and POV. But the rest, well, it needs work.

I can’t argue with them too much. I thought the whole story through, wrote it in a hurry and sent it in before I could change my mind. My goal was not to write the best story I could; my goal was to FINISH a story and TURN IT IN. I have a problem with that. I tend to just keep working on stuff and never actually finishing it. So this time, I just did it and made sure to turn it in so I *couldn’t* sit on it forever.

That said, I plan to rewrite the story now. Once I get it done, I’ll post it on here. I’m really happy that they liked the feel of the story, and not surprised that they liked the grammar. I mean, I can do grammar! Apparently it’s *everything else* that needs work. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Mixed Results from My Writing Contest

  1. Good for you for submitting it, and glad you got some useful feedback! I look forward to reading the re-worked version.

    Oh, and grammar is totally under-rated these days, in my opinion, so well done on that score!


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