The Princess Companion

Title: The Princess Companion: A Retelling of the Princess and the Pea, the Four Kingdoms #1

Author: Melanie Cellier

Setting: The Four Kingdoms, Not sure about when*

Theme: TRUE LOVE! Duh! What else? Oh, and true worth, the importance of trust and honesty, and other fairy tale stuff. But mostly true love.

Alyssa was looking for work, but she hadn’t planned on working for the Royal Family of Arcadia. Still, a job’s a job. And that hot prince is pretty nice boss.

So, what do you need to know about this book? It’s a fairy tale, with lots of fairy tale stuff – a woodcutter’s daughter, a handsome prince, his twin younger sisters, evil bad guys, and true love conquering all. The writing was good and I really enjoyed it. I would rate it as pretty solid, but not outstanding. Still, I would be happy to read the next one in the series, a twist on Red Riding Hood. And the cover is pretty cute.

*About the setting – I’m not sure when this is set. The bad guys were armed with guns, but that was the only clue. I’m guessing (and this is only a guess) somewhere around the late 18th century. But that could be way off.

This one is recommended, and it’s also clean enough for any reader.


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