Book Review: French Fried

10478123Title: French Fried: One Man’s Move to France with Too Many Animals and an Identity Thief

Author: Chris Dolley

Setting: Rural France about 10 years ago

Found it: Read other things by this author

Format: Ebook

Author Chris Dolley and his wife decided they’d had enough of the rat race (for reasons I never quite grasped, but which ultimately don’t matter) and packed up the whole household for a sojourn in rural France. Despite not reliably speaking French, not having transport when there, and only seeing the house once. Yeah, if it sounds like an adventure and not like a crazy idea, then you’d like this book. If it sounds like an adventure when someone ELSE does it, you still might enjoy this book. I tried it because I am a BIG fan of his steampunk series, Reeves and Worcester. (Think a steam powered version of PG Wodehouse). This one was completely different, but the sense of humor that had me in giggles with his steampunk series is definitely at work here. Their move and the attendant chaos was hilarious.

I loved their friendships they made with the locals, but when he got to explaining the identity theft, I got caught in all the details and lost interest. I skipped around some there, so I’d only rate it a 3.25. But I completely recommend his R&W series. Wodehouse would approve.


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