Meet My Cats

The theme of my blog is book, cats, life – and I’ve been falling down on the cat angle. I haven’t introduced my gorgeous felines that live with me! So I thought today would be a good day to do just that.


This one is Tina, shown here in her library cat pose. She’s never actually been to the library, but she approves of the library basket. Tina is the head cat. She adopted us on Valentine’s Day, 2002, and she’s 17 years old! She’s completely deaf and mildly arthritic, but she still figures she’s the cat in charge.


Tina’s Glamour Shot

Tina has decided she just doesn’t care any more. So if she wants what you’re eating, she’ll try to steal it from you – sometimes while you are ACTUALLY EATING IT. She always gets in trouble, but she’s been successful at stealing from the trash and the stove. She’s such a stinker. But she’s also sweet with us and she loves company. More attention for her!


Spooky taking a Power Nap

This big guy is Spooky. He’s twice as long as our smallest cat. He showed up about a year and a half after Tina and sort of moved in. Even as a stray, he came right up and started purring as soon as we picked him up. That’s sort of stayed his personality right through. He was a very wary, easily started cat for a few years, but now, at age 15, he’s the sweetest, most loving cat I’ve ever known. He’s also the only one that wants you to rub his tummy.


This kind of makes it look like all Spooky does is sleep, but that’s kinda true. You can see his markings better here. He’s black with black stripes and a white mustache. He does get some exercise sometimes, but he’s super mellow.


And the little kitty here is Rosey. She’s half Spooky’s length and they are either best friends or she’s the biggest annoyance ever. The first time we ever heard Spooky hiss was at Rosey. Rosey is 5 years old and still thinks she’s the adorable kitten who can get away with anything. And sometimes, she’s right.


Rosey is BEAUTIFUL and super, velvety soft. She also has razor sharp claws which she’ll use on you if you hold her too long, pick her up wrong, rub her tummy, or generally bug her. She hates strangers and will disappear immediately. But she loves my husband. We got her from a neighbor when Rosey was only 4 weeks old and she’s the baby.

So there you have it. My cats are AMAZING and beautiful and yes, super annoying. But I’m a crazy cat lady and I’m not ashamed!

2 thoughts on “Meet My Cats

  1. Aww, they’re beautiful! And what a lovely mix of shades – and personalities, from the sound of it! My old tom only tried to get you to tickle his tummy so he could savage your hand… šŸ˜‰


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