Burn, Rewrite, Reread

I’m stealing this one from the girls over at TwinTales because it was so much fun to read their picks. Even though they read a lot of YA and I don’t, it’s still a good idea. I decided to go to my GoodReads shelf for 2015, which I hope is recent enough that I still remember what I thought about the books. I also decided to do all mysteries, to tie them together.


Burn: Belladonna at Belstone by Michael Jecks, #8 in Knights Templar series. It’s funny, because I just praised this series in a previous post, but this one was quite a disappointment. I would have said burning it was great, but of the mysteries I found, this was my least favorite. It’s set in a convent and it seemed like NONE of the nuns were keeping any of their vows. OK, maybe poverty, but there was so much sex in here that it was hard to keep track of. If you want to try this series, DO NOT start here. You’ll be so sad.


Rewrite: A Man of Some Repute by Elizabeth Edmondson, #1 in A Very English Mystery series. This one wasn’t bad, it was just too predictable. I have read a LOT of mysteries, so maybe that was the problem, but I felt that some of the characters were more types than actually rounded, real characters. Also the identity of the killer was not a surprise at all. I would have liked this one to be more unexpected.


Reread: Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz. Everything that I found lacking in the previous books was here, and then some. Just when I thought I knew where this book was going, Horowitz turned it completely on its edge and I was just stunned! I listened to this one, which heightened the suspense and made it even better, but wow, it was amazing! One of my few five star reads for that year. The characters and the plot were outstanding. Even if you are only a casual fan of Sherlock Holmes, you have to read this one!

Hope you enjoyed my picks. I’ll have to do this again with fantasy or sci fi reads too. Happy reading!


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