Reread: Murder Over Easy

Title: Murder Over Easy, Trailer Park #2

Author: Jimmie Ruth Evans

I don’t know if you ever reread books, but I am happy to revisit one I enjoyed before. And when I saw this one at the library, I decided to pick it up for a second helping.

Wanda Sue is a hardworking single mom, trying to make ends meet. She works two jobs, one at the local diner and one overnight stocking shelves at the discount store. On her way home early one morning, she gets a call from her boss at the diner that he’s been arrested for the murder of another waitress. Wanda Sue believes her boss is innocent, so she starts out to find the real killer.

So what was it about this book that make me pick it up again? Well, it wasn’t the genre. I got a little bit into the book and then remembered that I don’t really like cozy mysteries. They rely so much on quirky characters and coincidence that the “mystery” is virtually nonexistent. I generally spot the victim and the murderer before anyone is dead, and that drives me nuts. No, it was the character.

Most fiction is written about the middle class. People who live in moderately nice houses, have a couple of cars, a couple of kids in school, and a decent job. Books about single people generally don’t mention roommates and their apartments are nice. Then there are plenty of book about the rich, too. But books about the working poor are not so common. The ones you do find focus on drugs or violence or despair, not on how many of the working poor are functioning just fine, thank you. Sure, money is really tight, but that’s just the way it is and there’s no point in worrying about it. Meanwhile, it’s time to get to work, and if that means working two jobs, then it does, and that’s that.

My family has fluctuated between lower middle income and upper middle income, but some of my best friends were a distinct income bracket below mine. I was in their homes often enough to know that they are not well represented in what’s being published today. Their lives are different from those with more money, but they aren’t as bleak as you might imagine. I loved this series because you see that. Wanda Sue doesn’t complain. Sure, she’s tired, but she’s happy to have her jobs, she loves her kids, and she helps her friends when she can. I would recommend this series just because of her, but start with the first book, Flamingo Fatale.

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