Having Fun Isn’t Hard When You’ve Got a Library Card!

img_5377-1I am spoiled, living where I am. I have not one, but THREE first class libraries within driving distance. And several lesser libraries that I haven’t even visited.

My city has a reciprocal arrangement with the next town over, and they accept both library cards. So I regularly switch between these two. One has more books and is bigger in general, the other has a better movie selection and is closer.

Then there’s the big university library. I used to go there, but it costs money for non-students to get a library card. And why bother, when I have two others to choose from? I’m pretty sure I’m a already major library donor too, with the amount of fees I’ve paid over the years!

We have had a lot of fun with our kids over the years at the library. There was the Miss Spider’s Tea Party, which got their picture featured in the newspaper. Then S enjoyed the Fairy Tea Party, which was full of fairies and harp music! Every summer, the kids would sign up for the Summer Reading Program and we’d win free prizes and there was a big swim party at the city pool.

To anyone who thinks that libraries are irrelevant, I invite you to go down and check out your local library. Be there for story time, on a Saturday, or during one of the many events that libraries host. The library could not be MORE relevant to a busy town. It’s full of people – harried families looking for ways to entertain their children on a budget, students working on school work, homeless people looking for a safe place to spend a few hours, elderly needed entertainment and company, and jobseekers, college kids, single parents, bored teenagers, and people like me. People who love books and love music and love stories and can’t spend a lot of money on it. Libraries are full of life and I love them.



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