Book Review: The Woman on the Orient Express

Title: The Woman on the Orient Express

Author: Lindsay Jayne Ashford

Format: Kindle Unlimited lets you listen and read, so audio & ebook

Setting: Traveling through Europe to Mesopotamia, 1928

Story: Agatha Christie is running away. Again. Her unfaithful husband has finally pushed a divorce through and is remarrying. Agatha decides a trip is just the thing, but she’s still pretty miserable. She decides to travel incognito, and meets two women on her trip, Kathleen and Nancy. Everyone is hiding something, and it will end (eventually) with someone dead.

I liked this story. I picked it up mainly because I am such a fan of Agatha Christie, and Murder on the Orient Express is one of my favorites. Plus, it was such a romantic journey in its time – bridging two separate worlds, going somewhere completely new. This was based in fact, but still fiction. Christie did take the Orient Express to Baghdad and she did go out to an archaeological dig there. Some of the people, including Max, are based on real people. But I don’t want to reveal too much.

I would recommend this one mainly for fans of Agatha Christie. It moved slowly sometimes and I think the ending was a little disappointing, but it was still fun.



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