Some Brief Reviews

Still reading and still writing. I’ve finished Chapter 1 in my book, and it’s off to a solid start. Of course, the beginning is always easier. But I’m happy so far.

Reading is not going as well. I made a very nice exchange lately, 3 bags of books, most like new, donated to the new library in the next town, and then I bought 2 bags of old mystery paperbacks from my library. I’ve already finished 2 of them, and neither one was very good. But it was kind of fun, in that they were authors I’d never tried before, and I like trying new authors, even if it doesn’t pan out. So here are the reviews:

Wycliffe and the Guild of Nine by WJ Burley

Apparently the last in a series about a British police detective. The story is pretty solid – a woman who lives at an artist’s colony in Cornwall is found murdered – but the whole thing is a little dated.

After Francine inherits a bunch of money, she is found dead in her cottage. Was it the money? Or was her murder related to her involvement in the murder of her father years ago? The characters are not very believable, but the whole thing was interesting, very unlike any other mystery I’ve read. But it was written in the 80s and it shows. Police procedure has changed so much, plus Wycliff is all upset about his – GASP! Female Boss. Um, what? I can’t take you seriously right now.

Not sure I’d recommend this one. I like British police mysteries, but I don’t think I’d read more by this author, even if I could find one. 2.5 stars

Alibi in Time by June Thompson

Inspector Rudd, #7

Very unpleasant writer Patrick Vaughan is found dead from a hit and run. After a lot of talk, a lot of detail about what the police are doing and thinking and eating, we find out he was murdered by *SPOILER ALERT* the doctor who found the body. Because, well, he had it coming. There’s more to it than that, but everything is so slow and again, so dated. 2 stars.

But I can end this up on a high note!

Eric by Terry Pratchett

Once again, a great Pratchett book. I love this guy! Eric is a 14 year old boy who tries conjuring a demon. Instead he gets a semi-competent wizard, Rincewind. He makes his 3 wishes, but none of them turn out quite the way he had expected. I laughed out loud all through this one.

Just listened to this one and it is still freaking hilarious. I loved it as an audio. The whole view of Hell as a bureaucracy is just brilliant. Give me fire and brimstone any day! 5 stars. Really.



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