My New Book!

100_3314What do you think, is this a good place to dump a body?

I’ve started my new book, and it’s going pretty well. Of course, the beginning is always the easiest part, but I’m hoping this one will be easier to finish than my first book. (I swear, I will get back to it one day!)

Inspired by my recent road trip, this one is set in Colorado. And there’s at least one dead body in it.

I’m up to 2600 words, which is not that impressive for most people, but I’m a slow writer. I’m trying hard to just write, not over think, not self edit, but just write. Sometimes it takes work. It doesn’t feel natural to just leave it and move on, but I did tend to get bogged down last time. I’m afraid to give too much away right now, but I’m so excited I want to talk about it too! Anyhow, I worked hard this morning so I’m letting myself take a little break now for lunch.


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