I’ve got a setting!

I’m just barely starting my second book and it’s very slow. I’ve realized that I’m just a slow writer. Which is OK, we don’t all have to write the same way. But it is a little discouraging. I feel like I have fight for each word, each sentence. Me finishing a paragraph is like a little victory, and a whole page is actually a big deal.

I’m trying something different this time too. It’s more a ‘seat of your pants’ kind of thing, instead of being all planned and plotted out. I have a general idea, a good character, and then I’m going to just sort of see what happens.

I do have a setting though! Inspired by my recent trip, I’ve decided the book takes place in Grand Junction, Colorado. I needed a big town with some wilderness nearby, and this definitely fits that requirement. As for the story, I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s a paranormal thriller about a young woman who gets kidnapped and breaks free using what might be paranormal means.

Write on!


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