Back Home Again!


I am back from a fabulous, soul-restoring road trip. I love the West so much I can hardly stand myself, and being out in the mountains and the desert just made me so happy. I have LOTS of pictures to prove it, but I will use them judiciously. After all, you folks back East have no idea what you’re missing. 😛

But enough about the road trip. (Maybe. I might gush more later.) You’re here for the books, am I right? Here’s my final report in that department.

Books released ala Bookcrossing: 2

(one about Egypt, one about Little Critter)

Books already caught: 1

Books released at a Little Free Library: 6

(Two from the Divergent series,  a couple of kid’s books, a couple of mysteries)

Books taken at LFL: 1

(appropriately enough, Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey)

Books listened to: 2

(Death Comes to Pemberley by P D James; The Dispatcher by John Scalzi)

Books read: 1

(The Little Selkie by K M Shea)

Books bought: 0

Let me say that again: I  managed to go somewhere which had books for sale, and I *did not buy a single book.* That is an accomplishment, right there.

I will try to come back and review everything, but let me just briefly say that I enjoyed both audiobooks and the fairy tale. I recommend all three and I’m really looking forward to reading the one by Abbey. I haven’t read any of his stuff, but this one is about when he was a park ranger in Arches National Park, and was just there, I’m curious to see what he has to say.

Here’s a picture to prove I was there.



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