More Steampunk-y Goodness

Title: A Gentlewoman’s Chronicles (Galvanic Century 5-7)

Author: Michael Coorlim

Genre: Steampunk

Heard about it from: Liked the author’s previous work (Bartleby and James)

Plot: A little like a steampunk Indiana Jones plus some James Bond

Lady Aldora Fiske comes from one of the first families in England, but she has no intention of settling down to a meaningless social whirl. She’s out to prevent a war, defend the Empire, and save the day. She faces off sky pirates, enemy agents, a booby-trapped tomb, and lots more. For some reason, this took me a while to get into. I felt a little lost at the beginning, since it’s been a really long time since I read the first book. It might not have even mattered, as Aldora is a minor character in that one anyway. (I kind of like the switch up, telling similar stories from a different POV.) Once I got through the initial confusion, it really  became fun. Don’t start here, because you’ll be more confused than I was, but if you like light steampunk with plenty of adventure, try this series out.


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