Looking for a fluffy read?


You know how sometimes, when you’re down or tired or stressed, you just want to slip into your comfiest pjs, grab a mug of hot tea, and curl up with a cozy read? Yeah, I’ve been there a lot lately. Sometimes that calls for a reread of a favorite book – Georgette Heyer or P G Wodehouse or something that makes me smile. But I’ve found a new author whose books are the sort of fluffy stuff that you need when you’re stressed out. The writer is K M Shea, and her books are mostly retellings of fairy tales.

Fairy tales for me are the ideal comfort read. You already know how it’s going to turn out. You already know who the characters are and who the bad guy is. You know there’s going to be a little romance in there. (Prince Charming, anyone?) They’re fun; they’re magical; they’re predictable, and that’s exactly what you want. And I like my romance clean. Not preachy and religious, but not steamy either. Her books exactly fill this slot, plus they make me laugh.

She sets most of her books in a magical world that’s full of kings and queens and some enchantress or another. It is a series, but I’ve read them out of order and it doesn’t seem to make that much of a difference. I mean, these are fairy tales, so you can figure out what’s going on easily enough. That said, the series is called Timeless Fairy Tales and it starts with Beauty and the Beast. I’ve read about four in this series so far and the only one I didn’t love was The Wild Swans. It has a more open ending and it didn’t really work for me.

She also has another series based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. It is a little different from the other series, sort of a prequel to the whole Fairy Tale series. I’ve only read the first on in this series, but I really enjoyed it. It starts with Heart of Ice. And come on, look at that cover up there. I know you shouldn’t judge by that alone, but seriously? Gorgeous.

In other news, the wedding over, my son is married, the bride’s gown looked good, she was beautiful, and it all ended Happily Ever After – pretty much, right?


One thought on “Looking for a fluffy read?

  1. I love Shea’s books!! I had a little bit of a hard time with the alternate ending as well, but the Ice Queen books are definitely my favorite out of all her books.


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