Must Read: Riyria Revelations


Warning: Fangirl gushing ahead! Proceed at your own risk!

Right, I am not happy with the internet. Why, why did no one tell me about this series until now? It’s been around for what, 3 years since the first publication of Theft of Swords? Where were you all? I had to wait until 2016 before I discovered this. Is that a nice thing to do?

Maybe you held off until the whole series was published. That way I could race through all 3 (or 6, depending on how you look at it) books with very little waiting in between. If that’s why you kept quiet, then I take it all back. It was absolutely the right thing to do. Or maybe, and this is the saddest possibility, maybe it’s because you didn’t know about them. You’ve never even heard of Royce Melbourn or Hadrian Blackwater. Who or what is Riyria, you say. Well, in that case, it’s my turn to help. Clear your calendar, finish whatever you’re reading now, stock up on frozen pizza and beverages, and get ready for the best fantasy series you’ll read in a long, long time. I just finished the final book in the Riyria Revelations by Michael J. Sullivan, I loved them so much I have to sing.

Hadrian and Royce are thieves. Not your average thieves, either. They are good. Hadrian was a mercenary. He’s a sword master. Royce can blend in anywhere. He’s pretty much a ninja in a world where he would be the only ninja. And together they are known as Riyria. They’ll take any job that pays the bills, but this next job is going to change the world! No, really. Dramatic as that sounds, one job sets them on a path that will lead to the following (in no particular order and I’m sure I’m leaving something out):


A goblin horde

Evil church leaders


Giant magical beasts who want to eat you

Epic sea battles

Blackmail and murder

Ancient underground cities



Elves on horseback

A friendly monk


A man with a goat

And much, more more.

Here’s another picture:


OK, really, if that doesn’t convince you, then you must just not like fantasy. Because this is the best buddy fantasy I’ve ever read. Let me say that again: The team of Royce and Hadrian is the best fantasy pair I’ve ever read. Yes, LOTR is awesome (except when it’s boring, b/c let’s be real) but it’s more of an ensemble read. Riyria has a great cast of supporting characters, but it’s all about the friendship of Royce and Hadrian. I love them so much that I was walking around half dazed, half in tears at the end of the book. OK, I also had the stomach flu, but it was mostly the book. 5 stars. 6 stars. All the stars, and a few comets too.


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