Review: Burning Midnight

Burning Midnight by Will McIntosh

Genre: teen sci-fi

Recommended by: don’t remember

Source: library

Plot: David Sullivan, or Sully, earns extra cash by selling spheres, these magical little balls that appeared out of nowhere, come in a variety of colors, and when “burned” in pairs, grant extra abilities. Some make you taller, some make you smarter, faster, prettier, magic 1-ups in a little colored ball. The common ones go for a couple of hundred, but the really good ones can cost millions. Sully found one of the really good ones, but lost out on a bad business deal. Now with a new partner, he’s searching for the best sphere out there – a midnight blue.

Pros: I thought this was a really inventive idea – the whole system of the sphere and how they work, what they turn out to mean. That’s what got me to pick up the book. I also liked Sully and his best friend Dom. I thought all the characters were pretty believable.

Cons: The characters’ relationships, though, not so much. While I thought they all made decisions that made sense for their own viewpoint, the way they interacted didn’t always made sense.

And while the idea of the spheres was really cool, it didn’t, in the end, make a whole lot of sense. I’m still not sure where they came from, if they’ll be back, and a dozen other things. Why does Sully say only 10% of the population hasn’t used them? Is he including children, old people? If you could have better teeth by using these magic spheres, who would need braces? If you gave the teal ones that make you more outgoing to people with social anxiety, would they be “cured?”

Overall, I don’t really get this book. It could be because I’m sick and kinda lightheaded or it could be because it doesn’t make sense.



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